Difference Between Static and Dynamic Pages

Posted on May 26, 2018 By Haman

If you are a developer, you will be well aware of the terms static and dynamic pages. On the contrary, let's assume that you are not a developer and don't know the explanation. Still, you must know these two words from a normal dictionary. The dynamic word refers to motion. It means an object that is moving further, an object that is capable of changing position along with speed and force with respect to time.

Contrarily, static is completely opposite. Something that is still, makes no movement unless and until someone applies force, is known as static.

But why are we referring to an English dictionary in the software section?

Well, maybe because these two words have no different meaning when it comes to software or software development. Static and dynamic pages are similar to these definitions.

Static and dynamic pages

If we say in simple language, static and dynamic pages are quite easily comparable to words static and dynamic. In static web pages, the content is as it is. There is no change in its display, presentation or content unless done by a developer. The developer has to manually change the source code to make the changes visible.

A dynamic webpage, however, can change the content or its presentation from the same source code. There is no substantial need for a developer to give his time out for this task.

How do static and dynamic pages work

To understand the working of static and dynamic pages remember that HTML files are the source code, stored in owner’s computer. Here the owner(host) is the device that has the source code for the program.

Static pages

This Is how a static page works.

Dynamic pages

The basic process of displaying information in a browser is same for static and dynamic pages. But in a dynamic page, the user can request for some changes or some other data available in the database. Intermediate servers like Active Server Page(ASP) comply this work. So the work in a dynamic page goes as

And this is a dynamic page.

Remember that the source code changes every time in a static page to make a change but not the case in dynamic.

How to decide between static and dynamic pages

The answer is you don’t. there is no need to decide between both or there is no need to compare static and dynamic pages. Both of them are different, have a different working method. As user or developer, you must inspect about the one you need.

Static websites or static pages are easy to make and cheaper to support but dynamic one’s support CMS, which is an important part of times.

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