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Posted on Mar 17, 2018 By Haman

Why building bootstrap themes, templates and UI kits is important?

Why With the booming industry of web development, the need of pre-help has also increased. In this time of growing internet services, the need of websites for almost every small or big work is also increasing. In these past 10 years, this business has increased to a large extent. Therefore, developers are opting to quit their office jobs and prefer to work from home. There are various kinds of help already available from different sources. Focusing on bootstrap templates, themes, and UI kits, there are various websites that provide the service.

But, are they enough?

Certainly not. An early help of design in the form of bootstrap templates and themes can never be enough in these times.


Website development is a hectic work. There are different types of websites. These websites represent information or business. The baby step towards this job is to finalize the design of the website. Selecting a design is the first step. With our assistance and as a result of our efforts, you (as users) will have the maximum options on this step.

Our vision

At the time of establishment of our website, we set the fundamentals of our work on one single vision.

‘Modern developer’s community’

We decided to base all our work on three simple monosyllables.

Modern, easy and effective

Our website, products, services, blog and interaction with customers comes under this. Our every product holds tight to these principles and will continue to hold them in the future.

Free and premium products

Our bootstrap templates, UI kits, and templates are sleek modern and lovable. Bulky websites are unwanted. With the growing need for user-friendly designs, simple and effective looks will be in demand. Here, we give the developer community with such designs in the form of free and premium products. Along with templates, themes and UI kits we will also come up with other beautiful components. The developed components like a jQuery Card Wizard are on our product list. One Card Wizard already exists, but there are more components to come.

Components and documentation

Example image

All the products will have various components which will be clearly defined in code. Also, for a better understanding of products all the bootstrap templates, themes and especially UI kits will come with proper documentation. We believe that documentation decreases the difficulty faced by customers to the maximum extent.

Name and logo

The name comes from user interface (means by which user and computer interact). the you

Our logo ‘you’ represents moving further for the active participation in the software community. It also represents the first letter of the name.

Also, we come with a 24 hours’ assistance. All the users connected to us by any sought are welcome to contact us through our email

Conclusion is a website that provides the developer community with sleek, modern and beautiful bootstrap templates, themes, UI kits and customizable components. We come with an idea to contribute our work to the developer community.

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